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Malcolm Madison Foundation

Welcomes You


The Malcolm Madison Foundation is a Michigan 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Non-Profit organization, which catalyzes all activities for discovering the passion that youth and young adults may have for a particular STEM career path. Malcolm Madison Foundation creates fund development opportunities and deploys educational strategies which directly assist in the discovery, building of knowledge and preparation towards their maturation process. Through facilitated and experiential learning, Malcolm Madison Foundation is also able to close the gap between interest in a particular STEM/STEAM related field and/or discipline with properly introducing comprehensively, what tomorrow’s next generation science career paths  have in store.


Malcolm Madison Foundation also provides educational programming in teaming, leadership, mentoring, innovation and commercialization entrepreneurial development skills.  

Moreover, Malcolm Madison Foundation ensures that each youth and young adult receives all the necessary wrap-around services and ancillary support (e.g., life skills, emotional wellness, character building and educational remediation) to catalyze healthier more viable living urban communities.

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