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Malcolm Madison Foundation uses Kruder’s interactive web-based programs for PK – 5th grade students that introduce them to career awareness and exploration.  This evaluative programming helps students uncover and understand their individual interests, develop a sense of self, and learn how what they’re doing in school connects to what they could do later in life. Our assessments are a group of powerful, yet playful career awareness experiences. Each phase of assessments provides a series of engaging games, videos, and activities to get kids excited for the future. 


1.     Our Elementary assessments inspire students to explore work environments (planets) and learn foundational career readiness and awareness themes and objectives by grade level.


2.     Boast of a blend of activities, characters, videos, rewards, text, and audio for students accustomed to fast-paced, modern, interactive game-based technology.


3.     Promotes equity by avoiding common assumptions and stereotypes about gender roles, race, and prestige. 


4.     Engages students in meeting milestones using customizable “I” statements or learning targets, while building a college and career readiness portfolio that will transition into middle to high school.


5.     Fosters Communication between families and students with guidance and grade-level specific, actionable advice for parents. 



Also through Kruder, Malcolm Madison Foundation prepares 6th – 12th grade students with evidence-based assessments that will align them with career possibilities that are a good fit for them and identify skills, attributes, traits that are germane to a whole host of vocational benefits for tomorrow, as well as many years to come. Our findings can be reviewed by our elementary students, their parents, and schools.  Students complete career assessments to uncover personal insights. But that’s just the beginning: they’ll also create education plans, learn real-world skills, and envision their future goals. It’s their world, and we’re here to help them explore it.


1.     We are able to establish a solid foundation for career planning based on reliable and validated career interests, skills, and work values assessments.


2.     Builds a framework in which students can explore careers, find and pay for college, develop education plans, and prepare for work.


3.     For students in high school, we use our resources to assist with creating their first resume, cover letter, develop work samples, and more.


Comprehensive Vocational Assessments: Pre-K - 5th Grade & 6th - 12th Grade

The Malcolm Madison Foundation offers a full array of wrap-around services to increase positive life, social and emotional skills development. We believe our building blocks are the fundamental parts of a child, youth and young adult’s overall health and well-being, as it both reflects and impacts upon the development of their brain’s wiring and function.


The Malcolm Madison Foundation has a cadre of talented, credentialed and professional clinicians that work hard to ensure our student participants are progressively building  their self-confidence, trust quotient, empathy, intellectual inquisitiveness, competence in using language to communicate, and the capabilities for relating well to others. 


Life, Social & Emotional Skills Development

It was said, that most people think of mathematics as separate from language and literacy. But there is more overlap between language and mathematics than you might imagine.


The Malcolm Madison Foundation has a goal to assist our student participants with "doubling their learning" with math and literacy activities. As students of all ages discuss mathematics, they develop and build language skills. As well as when you discuss and debate about mathematics, you have to be precise in your language and thinking. Then you have to explain your reasoning. Also, even more than most other areas, mathematics involves thinking about word meanings. Mathematicians know the importance of accurate definitions and use of terms.

The Malcolm Madison Foundation will assist our student participants with developing  literacy skills as they think about what words mean and decide which words appropriately describe certain objects and situations. Mathematics is an ideal context in which to discuss exactly what words mean. They will also build their computational and practical application skills.


In effect, the Malcolm Madison Foundation will provide hands-on remediation to assist with reaching at and beyond grade-level of reading and math. Thus, continuing the necessary building blocks for most and other successful vocational drivers.


Reading & Math Literacy Remediation

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