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Youth & Young Adult Entreprenurialism

Innovation & Commercialization

Flying a Drone

Youth & Young Adult Entreprenurialism

Reinforcing Discovery & Learning

Becoming an Entrepreneur is defined as starting new businesses, or getting involved with new ventures or ideas.

When you have these things that you recognize, things that get you, things that upset you, things

that push you, things that unlock your potential,

your compassion, and your love for things... All of a sudden you look at life through a different window; and it’s one that is really whole.” — Ian Somerhalder


A passion. That seems to be a buzz word nowadays, but believe it or not, it could be a great thing for youth. Typically, when people talk about someone having a passion, they are describing someone who loves what they do and are good at it.  This is where Malcolm Madison Foundation assist youth and young adults with finding their interest and with a little encouragement, as well as robust development they find their passion.

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